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Battery Disconnect Switch, Side Post
Model: 1024613
Condition: NEW
$15.99 ea
BatteryButler® Battery Storage Float Charger, 12 Volt
Model: 3122944
Condition: NEW
Fully Automatic - Will keep your battery fully charged without over charging.  The on-board microprocessor turns the charger on and off based on your battery's demands. It does so automatically, every few milliseconds. Designed…
$29.99 ea
Ford Thunderbird Constant Voltage Regulator, 1960-66
Model: 3072546
Condition: NEW
Located behind the instrument cluster, it regulates the voltage to the dash gauges. If all of your gauges read the maximum setting, this is definitely the culprit. WARNING: the battery must be disconnected when installing this part. …
$38.99 ea
BatteryButler® Cigarette Lighter & Power Plug Adapter
Model: 3316547
Condition: NEW
Conveniently charge/maintain your vehicle's battery through the cigarette lighter or power plug port. Fuse protected with 12" cord. Connects to Battery Butler Storage Charger (BBFC100 & BBFC200). ****Adapter should only be used in a…
$7.99 ea
Ford Thunderbird Spark Plug Wire Set, Reproduction, 352 & 390 V8, 1960-64
Model: 3074851
Condition: NEW
Reproduction wire sets are newly manufactured parts made to appear like the OEM equipment. In some cases the availability of material color or reproduction techniques may have resulted in very minor differences from the original. These are…
$99.99 st
Ford Thunderbird Battery Cable Set, Reproduction, 1966
Model: 3074084
Condition: NEW
Sets contain terminals, boots, heads and moldings that have been duplicated to precise detail for your classic T-Bird. The wire insulation is original neoprene rubber. Sets include the positive, negative and starter cables. From 1958-1962…
$118.99 st
Ford Thunderbird Battery Hold Down Nut & Washer Set, For Group 29N Battery, 1956-57
Model: 3074064
Condition: NEW
Includes 2 original type pressed wing nuts, 2 metal washers and 2 rubber washers.…
$7.99 st
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