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Ford Thunderbird Exhaust Flange Flat Gasket, 1958-66
Model: 3075121
Condition: NEW
Exhaust flange flat gasket for 1958-1966 FE engine …
$2.99 ea
Ford Thunderbird Exhaust Manifold Bolt & Lock Washer Kit, 32 Pieces, 352 & 390 V8, 1958-66
Model: 3075091
Condition: NEW
Kit includes 16 bolts with correct lower case letter f on the head, 16 locks and 16 flat washers. This kit does not include the special hook type lock used on the right side to hold the choke tube in place. Our 9A447-AST & 9A447-CST…
$48.99 kt
Ford Thunderbird Exhaust Flange Donut Gasket, 1958-66
Model: 3075120
Condition: NEW
Exhaust flange donut gasket for 1958-1966 FE engin …
$4.99 ea $3.38
Spectre Performance Header Bolts 46723
Model: 3917903
Condition: NEW
Header Fasteners, Bolts, Hex Head, Steel, Gold Iridated, Chevy, Universal, Set of 12 Brand:Spectre Performance Part Type:Header Fasteners Product Line:Spectre Performance Header Bolts Fastener Style:Bolt Thread…
$17.99 ea $16.06
Ultra-Seal Header Collector Gaskets, 3" 3-Hole
Model: 3116724
Condition: NEW
Ultra-Seal collector gaskets feature a steel core for strength, and a graphite-impregnated material that resists heat and pressure much better than ordinary gasket material, and conforms to the flange for a superior seal. The graphite…
$25.99 pr $20.32
Ford Thunderbird Exhaust Manifold Gaskets, 352 V8, 1958-60
Model: 3075140
Condition: NEW
Originally Ford did not use any gasket between the exhaust manifold and the cylinder head. These are aftermarket replacements. …
$14.99 pr $10.92
Ford Thunderbird Exhaust Manifold Outlet Stud, Right, 1958-60
Model: 3075101
Condition: NEW
$4.99 ea $2.53
Ford Thunderbird Heat Riser Spacer, 352 V8, 1958-60
Model: 3075081
Condition: NEW
$31.99 ea $28.00
Hex Bolt Hex Bolt, Exhaust Manifold To Cylinder Head, - , Set Of 4
Model: 3075079
Condition: NEW
4 Sets Required …
$10.99 st $7.97
Ford Thunderbird Exhaust Flange Gasket, 429 V8, 1968-71
Model: 3075076
Condition: NEW
This is an exhaust flange gasket for a 429 V8. 2 13/32 ID x 3 OD …
$14.99 ea $10.02
Ford Thunderbird Exhaust Heat Riser Spacer, Cast, Replaces Heat Riser Valve, 1955-57
Model: 3075064
Condition: NEW
Heat risers are notorious for not working properly. If yours is stuck, it will affect engine performance. Here is an inexpensive way to eliminate that problem, a non-functional spacer that is the correct size and shape. …
$27.99 ea
Exhaust Manifold Outlet Gasket, 430
Model: 3075123
Condition: NEW
Although an exhaust manifold gasket wasn't factory original, you can fit one between your cylinder head and the exhaust maifold. Regardless of the application, we can get you the gaskets you need, and at the lowest price around! …
$2.99 ea $1.35
Ford Thunderbird Exhaust Manifold Stud, Right, 1966
Model: 3075104
Condition: NEW
We take pride in offering you those nuts-and-bolts that help your classic Ford Thunderbird not only function well but look good. …
$4.99 ea $2.53
Ford Thunderbird Exhaust Manifold Outlet Stud, Left, 1958-60
Model: 3075099
Condition: NEW
$4.99 ea $2.09
Ford Thunderbird Exhaust Manifold Lock Tab Set, 8 Pieces, Right, 352 & 390 V8, 1958-62
Model: 3075097
Condition: NEW
From the factory, lock tabs were bent over your exhaust manifold bolts to prevent loosening. …
$16.99 st $10.76
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