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Tachometer, Sunpro Super Tach III, Black Face, with Shift Light
Model: 3103486
Condition: NEW
The Super Tach III represents a dynamic transition – classic design interpreted through modern aesthetics. Sheathed in a solid metal casing decked with a striking reflective chrome finish, the Super Tach III is adorned with aerodynamic…
$93.99 ea
Ford Thunderbird Speedometer Angle Drive, 1955-56
Model: 3078668
Condition: NEW
This attaches to the transmission and the speedo cable attaches to it.…
$481.99 ea
Tachometer Mounting Plate, 1963
Model: 3078658
Condition: NEW
$30.99 ea
Ford Thunderbird Instrument Housing Bezel Installation Kit, 1964-66
Model: 3078632
Condition: NEW
4 large oval-head Phillips screws, 4 medium oval-head Phillips screws and 7 small oval-head Phillips screws.…
$9.99 kt
Ford Thunderbird Instrument Bezel Cover Screw Set, 1961-63
Model: 3078631
Condition: NEW
3 oval head Phillips screws.…
$3.99 st
Ford Thunderbird Instrument Housing Retainer Plate Screw Set, 1964-66
Model: 3078630
Condition: NEW
6 oval head Phillips screws in black oxide finish.…
$7.99 st
Clock With Quartz Conversion
Model: 3078113
Condition: NEW
Factory installed look Modern accurate quartz movement Factory installed clocks never kept accurate time. Step up to our quartz conversion and have the beauty of the original look with the accuracy of a modern quartz movement. The face and…
$276.99 ea
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