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Ford Thunderbird Front-Mounted Eaton Power Steering Pump Rebuild Service, 1958-65
Model: 3079679
Condition: REMAN
When returning your Eaton pump core, do not send the reservoir. Your remanufactured pump will not include a reservoir. Only the pump is being remanufactured. This note only pertains to Eaton pumps. The remanufactured Ford pump does come…
$541.99 ea
Power Steering Pump Filter, Aftermarket Replacement, 2-1/2 OD X 1-1/8 ID X 1-9/16 High
Model: 3283310
Condition: NEW
This is the same size as the original Ford filter, but it doesn't have the cork pads on top & bottom that the original had. …
$23.99 ea
Ford Thunderbird Power Steering Pump Reservoir Cap, 1955-57
Model: 3079711
Condition: NEW
Screw-on type, includes gasket & dip stick. …
$31.99 ea
Ford Thunderbird Power Steering Pump, Rebuilding, 1955-56
Model: 3079699
Condition: NEW
Due to lack of rebuildable cores we must remanufacture your original power steering pump. Simply send it in and in approximately 3 to 4 weeks we will send back your professionally rebuilt unit. Price listed is an estimate only. …
$438.99 ea
Ford Thunderbird Ford Power Steering Pump, Reman, Later Year Replacement Style, Small Filler Neck, 1965-66
Model: 3079684
Condition: NEW
Do not send your pulley with your core! This pump is sold on an exchange basis, and has a core charge of $75.00. If your acceptable core exchange has not been received prior to shipping, you will be charged a core fee. Ship us your…
$453.99 ea
Borgeson Power Steering Pump Saginaw Upgrade Ford 800330
Model: 3016223
Condition: NEW
Borgeson manufactures complete Saginaw pump upgrade kits for Ford vehicles. Saginaw pumps run much quieter and are capable of generating more pressure & flow than stock Ford pumps. Pump upgrade kits include the correct pump, bracket…
$535.99 ea
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